What Our Customers Are Saying

Stacey Paynter

CEO, Strategic Connections, LLC

"As a consultant for strategic business and marketing planning, I have engaged Think Strategy for a number of my clients. Think Strategy brings strategic insights, an ability to connect technology to business and marketing goals and an understanding of new and existing digital platforms for development of each project.

Unlike many technology partners I have worked with, Think Strategy can explain sophisticated options to the C-suite as well as mid tier managers who are not digital experts in order to obtain important feedback and buy-in. They think beyond the assignment to consider implications of other (often existing) digital and non-digital "touchpoints" that might influence success.

I find their digital audits (which assess status and opportunity across the entire digital ecosystem) especially unique and valuable. Think Strategy also demonstrates a passion as well as personal care for everything they do."

Kumar Shahani

Entrepreneur, Turn-Around Specialist and Healthcare Marketing Strategist, Kumar Shahani

"Think Strategy came thoroughly prepared for our very first meeting. They had done an excellent job of analyzing our online presence, the challenges and opportunities. They asked the right questions and was able to get at the root of the issue within the very first meeting. It did not take them long to recommend a preliminary strategy and approach, which eventually turned out to be the correct one moving forward. Soon they were able to identify the key targets and develop a plan that was on point , affordable and quantifiable.

As compared to their competition, they were able to deliver tangible results. Most importantly they were delightful to work with and was always available to everyone in the organization and their response time were commendable. I would recommend working with Think Strategy in a heartbeat."

John Kalberer

Front End Engineer, Facebook

“Think Strategy is equal parts inspiration, information and implementation. Think Strategy is one of the best I know at what they do -- their recommendations will attract more leads, customers, and clients to your business.”

Raquel Gonzales

Marketing Manager, Chandler/Gilbert Community College

“The Think Strategy team were a digital "support group" to me in my Bay Area role. As a micro marketing team, we relied on expertise and hands-on support from Think Strategy's team of experts in SEM, SEO, and Web Development. Not only was the team willing to dive into the trenches meet deadlines. But they regularly met with me to discuss strategy and uncover opportunities for improvement. Their leadership skills, customer relationship management, and communication skills are rare quality in an industry of smoke and mirrors.”

Robert Kim

Co-Founder, Principal, Campfire Analytics

“Think Strategy has significantly expanded their expertise from SEM to SEO, lead generation, marketing strategy, and beyond. Today, we are strategic partners on opportunities where Think Strategy drive marketing automation, lead generation (CRM, SEO, SEM), and we help close the loop with analytics, BI, testing/personalization, attribution, and more. Not only do our skills complement each other, Think Strategy's approach aligns well with us - focus on delivering results and true win-win scenarios with our clients.”

Mark Addison M.B.A.

Chairman & President, Rocket Science

“Think Strategy is already a master at growth strategies and marketing automation, but the best part is that they are always inquisitive and learning more. Going to conferences, organizing 'master' sessions, acquiring new tools. Think Strategy is totally on top of their game! I highly recommend them.”

Sara Chandlee

Owner, Sara Chandlee Digital

“Think Strategy are amazing! Superb communication and service. They are extremely knowledgeable in SEO and digital marketing. Highly recommend!”

Dan Jimmerson

VP of Marketing, Plexis Healthcare Systems

“PLEXIS’ leads per month increased by 20x – resulting in one of our biggest marketing years ever. The team always move the needle (results!!!).”

Angie Salisbury

Author, Business Writer, Editor, Chief Word Officer, On Point Business Writing

“Think Strategy is one of the best in the industry. I have known and worked with them for many years, and they continue to blow me away with their depth of knowledge. They know the exact steps to take to assess a business and apply the most effective strategies and tactics to make it successful. They are the consummate professional and are sure to keep themselves on the forefront of what's working in the industry. Think Strategy has the strength of character to match their strong skill set, making them a force to be reckoned with.”

Myron McMillin

Founder, botany.io

“I am not easily impressed. Think Strategy has never failed to impress me. Who do I recommend Think Strategy to? Well, anyone looking to increase conversions, drive traffic, increase the quality of leads to their site, or just sleep more easily.I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Think Strategy and have had them run strategic online marketing initiatives on many projects. They are insightful, positive, straightforward, patient and kind. That is all interesting, but that is just the icing and not the cake.

The REAL reason I love Think Strategy is that they get dramatic and measurable results. Implementing painless marketing automation, identifying the right traffic and targets and getting them to actually care about what you have to offer, making your site actually valuable, that is why I recommend them. I am deluded enough to think that I am a genius that can do anything. The second I started working with Think Strategy I realized that I knew only a fraction of what I thought I knew and I was working too hard to get only mediocre results. I have better things to do with my time than be mediocre.

Think Strategy is great, and that lets me be great at what I do best and get back to business. I am confident that they can do the same for your business and online marketing efforts.”

Justin Wu

Product Marketing & Growth, Pi Network

“When it comes to Email marketing, Growth, and Sales leadgen Think Strategy is the business for it. Was able to develop a full roadmap, tool stack and strategy after working with them through my growth needs. Highly recommend & look forward to working on other future projects!”

James Castro

Founder, Multiverse Media Group, Inc

“What happens when hyper-focused millennials on mission to crush digital join forces with corporate consultants and sales gurus who pushes themselves as hard as they do with their A-list clients? Think Strategy. There are very few people I would personally and professionally recommend talking big-picture money making ideas with, and even less who I trust to turn those ideas into actionable solutions.

Companies don’t consult with Think Strategy because they can afford them—they consult with Think Strategy because they wish they could afford them [full-time]! The crazy part? They will actually talk with you for free. Their advice is down to earth, sincere, and sharp. It’s not hype, and it’s not solicited. I’ve written one recommendation on LinkedIn, and you’re reading it. Check Think Strategy out.”