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What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Clients

Dan Jimmerson, VP of Marketing

Under the guidance of Think Strategy, PLEXIS' leads per month increased by 20x - resulting in one of our biggest marketing years ever.

From tech stack consulting to campaigns and tactics, Bernard and the team always move the needle (results!!!). In today's noisy market of 'experts', we are incredibly fortunate to have discovered Think Strategy, as they are true sales and marketing innovators, influencers, and just good people that we can trust.

Thank you, Think Strategy, for your inspiration and leadership!

Stacey Paynter, C-Level & Board Advisor to Brands

As a consultant for strategic business and marketing planning, I have engaged Bernard and his team for a number of my clients. Bernard brings strategic insights, and ability to connect technology to business and marketing goals, and an understanding of new and existing digital platforms for the development of each project.


Unlike many technology partners I have worked with, Bernard can explain sophisticated options to the C-suite as well as mid-tier managers who are not digital experts in order to obtain important feedback and buy-in. He thinks beyond the assignment to consider implications of other (often existing) digital and non-digital "touchpoints" that might influence success.


I find his digital audits (which assess status and opportunity across the entire digital ecosystem) especially unique and valuable. Bernard also demonstrates a passion as well as personal care for everything he does

John Kalberer, Engineer at Facebook

Bernard and the team at Think Strategy are equal parts inspiration, information, and implementation.

Bernard is one of the best I know at what he does -- his recommendations will attract more leads, customers, and clients to your business.

Myron McMillin, Co-Founder

I am not easily impressed. Bernard has never failed to impress me. Who do I recommend Bernard to? Well, anyone looking to increase conversions, drive traffic, improve the quality of leads to their site, or just sleep more easily.

I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Bernard and run strategic online marketing initiatives on many projects. He is insightful, positive, straightforward, patient, and kind. That is all interesting, but that is just the icing and not the cake. The REAL reason I love Bernard is that he gets dramatic and measurable results. Implementing painless marketing automation, identifying the right traffic and targets, and getting them to actually care about what you have to offer, making your site actually valuable, that is why I recommend Bernard. I am deluded enough to think that I am a genius that can do anything.


The second I started working with Bernard, I realized that I knew only a fraction of what I thought I knew, and I was working too hard to get only mediocre results. I have better things to do with my time than be mediocre. Bernard is great, and that lets me be great at what I do best and get back to business. I am confident that he can do the same for your business and online marketing efforts. 

We Grow Your Business 

We'll examine your competition, analytics, and current sales and marketing process. And show you how we can improve your overall profitability:

  • Ensure proper tracking is in place

  • Provide a website and content audit

  • Research your keywords and competitors

  • Analyze your organic and paid ads performance

  • Create a plan for return on ad spend

Contact our team today for a consultation.

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